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Easter Eggs

55 Easter egg by request

Technique : By request

It is on you, which easter egg do you want made. You can choose from many methods (techniques) of decorating (wax batik, wax motif, painting, ink drawing, scratching, perforated egg, pasted straw etc.) including their combinations. Motifs (patters) of easter egg we made you by your request and wischies from yours design & sketch, e.g. from postcard, photo, sompany logo etc.

These easter eggs can by used as souvenir, presents and commemorative thing.

Our ussualy easter eggs by request are eggs with castes and churches, eggs in company colours and eggs with text (e.g. name, poem, nursery rhyme, date of anniversary date).

Type of eggs :

  • Chicken ( high about 2" )
  • Goose ( high about 5" )
  • Ostrich ( high about 7" )

Negotiated price by check technique, demand factor and quantity.

For more infos and appraisement contact us HERE.

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